2725 East Strathmore Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21214

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There is a house on my street that I’m concern about, the home is a wreck. Not even talking about the outside view, The neighborhood cats make this place their playground, having kittens and all. The owner of the home come and go a lot, and she does not even think about board up the windows. This past winter the water pipe burst in the basement. How do I know this? One day when it was icy outside, we saw water running down the sidewalk, which turn to ice by evening. We decided to investigate where this water was coming from after walking up a few houses we saw the water from off a lawn. Going in for a closer look we saw that the window was broken and inside the basement had about 5 feet of water.
We call the fire department to get the water cut off. But now it’s been about four months later, and the water is still in the basement. I can’t imagine what this summer is going to be like with mosquitoes in the neighborhood.
Please if anyone buys this house please demolish this house and start fresh…. If you love your family, do not put their health at risk. Thanks for company like yours that want to help local communities.

2725 East Strathmore Ave, Baltimore Maryland 21214

2725 East Strathmore Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21214

272.. E Strathmore Ave, Baltimore, MD is a single family home that contains 1,268 sq ft and were built in 1923. It includes one bathroom. This home last sold for $68,000 in June 1993.


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