Homeowners Say Don’t Buy D.R. Horton Homes

Homeowners of Grace Magnolia Sub-Division off Highway 31 near Spanish Fort have much to say about the shoddy construction work followed up by plain disregard for residents’ complaints by D.R. Horton builders in the area. Their grievances have been loud and clear and have even been voiced on the local news channel. Homeowners here are angry and frustrated and for legitimate reasons. Unfortunately the builders at D.R. Horton have paid no heed to their grievances thus far.

Marshy Yards

Homeowners Say Don't Buy D.R. Horton Homes 1Among a host of problems here are marshy yards that seem to pose a serious hazard for residents and their children. The sight of soggy yards with the consistency of quicksand adequately supports the veracity of their claims.

Sewage Issues

Different homeowners have different sets of problems but the common complaint all of them have is bad planning and shoddy construction. Sewage issues are on the rise and raw sewage backing up in multiple bathrooms is a source of annoyance and inconvenience for homeowner Christy Bush. A warping patio ceiling and water seepage in the garage are other problems that have Christy Bush worried.

No Affirmative Action from D.R. Horton

While multiple homeowners have multiple problems they do have one common complaint to unite them all. Homeowners are frustrated with the lack of affirmative action on the part of D.R. Horton builders. Homeowners feel ignored and all complaints and grievances have been left unaddressed thus far. Homeowners here are also proactively discouraging potential buyers from investing in D.R. Horton homes with negative advertising sign boards juxtaposed alongside “Homes For Sale” signs.

Homeowners Say Don’t Buy D.R. Horton Homes