Two homes that you should never buy


There are great varieties of homes out there. Some of those types of a dwelling include Single Family, Condos, Townhomes, and Multi-unit. There are many people buying these types of housing for their future investments.

There are great varieties of buyers in the marketplace who are even having their owns set of choices for buying their homes. Sellers are also having their preferred options of buying their homes and even when they are selling those. Merging these conditions to meet the perfect set of circumstances is essential.

Homes you should not buy

homes that you should never buyAs stated there is a variety of homes out there and even there is a range of buyers, yet there are two varieties of dwellings which one should not prefer to buy. One of the kinds of a home is the one having higher flood insurance. This home includes those where there are higher chances of facing flood. It makes this kind of houses falling into the category of larger flood insurance homes.

When one is intending for buying a house, they should check out whether that house falls under the higher chances of facing flood either internally or externally.

If it is falling, then it is not worth to buy as its flood insurance will be higher and hence it will be difficult when you move out to sell that house. Most of the buyers don’t prefer the home which is having more massive flood insurance.

The second kind of home which you should not consider for buying includes those who are having only one-bedroom.

Most of the individuals prefer homes to have either two or three bedrooms as it would be necessary for a family to live comfortably. This should even not be a choice even if you are intending to expand your current plan of one bedroom house and want to rebuild it to more bedrooms. It would not turn out to be right choice either as it would be difficult to sell this house in future. Hence it is a situation of investment where you should not take the risk of buying.

Combination of house categories

If your house which you have selected falls under Condos and you are willing it to buy you should check out whether it is falling under higher flood insurance and 1 bedroom or not. If it is falling you should not consider buying that.

Whenever you are buying any of the houses your range of future buyers for that house should be broad for the case of ease in future. If you purchase the two kinds of houses discussed here you are actually narrowing down your option for the potential buyers for your house, which will not turn out to be a good option.


Thus whenever we are moving forward for buying our house we should always look upon for our future potential buyers. If you select homes which are having higher flood insurance or which is having only one-bedroom you are reducing the range of your potential buyers. It is at the last increasing the risk over your side. So one should have a wise option by not selecting the house which is falling into these two categories.