Do fake security signs and systems really work?

Having Decals and signs that say your home is protected by a  security system may work sometimes to frighten burglars off. Safety systems do not allow for that, although thieves search for homes with a simple entrance and escape. The question lies in whether you install gear that is secure or need to fake a home security system. Let us explore ways to secure your premises and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of home safety signage and equipment that are fake.

Make sure your door is locked

This is so, so simple but lots of people don’t lock their doors. Lock up every time you head out but also keep the doors. There are good locks for screens that are hardy, too if you like to leave screened doors and windows open on a day, no problem. And speaking of locks, all doors should have deadbolts and patio/sliding doors require special devices that are anti-entry to prevent removal.

using fake security cameras

It may be sufficient to keep intruders off, although this technique is the very same lines as having home security signs. They have blinking lights and also seem like security cameras. Exactly like with security signals, thieves break at all and might realize you are faking a house security system. It’s only an easy and cheap notion if you don’t need to invest in security measures to take into account. If you choose to try this, put security cameras up and on points such as your garage where potential thieves can see them.

Making it look like you are home when you are not

It’s not likely that someone may want to break into your house if they think you are there. Park in the driveway rather than the garage to show thieves that you are around, even if you’re on holiday. With modern tech now it is, even more, easier to leave a light on in and around the house to make it look like you are home at night. While on vacation you can use apps to turn on lights at night and turn them off during the daytime. It is a good idea to leave a light on at night which can be observed through a window and flashing light from tv is also a good sign. You can buy these style of lights and switches here.

Hiding valuables from sight never seen through windows and glass doors

Professional thieves and even seasoned amateurs understand that most people store their valuables in the bedroom. Do not be that person. But even by leaving your laptops and watches out in plain sight, do not even tempt them. Get creative with your hiding spots and distribute your valuables.

Installing Door and Window Alarm

You do not have to break the bank to boost the security of your home. If an intruder attempts to open a window or doorway when they are armed, they will have a surprise that is loud. At night, it is going to wake you. Throughout the day, it is going to cause because their cover will be blown thieves to flee.

Using a Smart Lock

Nowadays, locks involve much more than a key. You can purchase a lock which lets you make certain while you are away, that your house is secure. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. If your children want to get in and overlook a key, you can help them get back indoors. If you believe you forgot to lock up, you can arm the doorway or can ensure that you did. Some locks that are wise alert you if the door was unlocked, so you understand who’s coming and going from your dwelling. This technology is not affordable, as to be expected.

Having a big dog inside your home

Big dogs can be frightening, but what you really want is a bigger dog that will make a huge stink. Barking uncontrollably and be tricky to calm the next someone is in the door or window.

Stop mail service while out of town

Suspending your mail delivery service is also good to do, career thieves bet out your house to learn habits. If your customs change, for instance, if the mail carrier or paper delivery kid start bypassing your home it is a sign that you are out of town.

Please do so in the comments if you want to weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of security system signs or stickers.

Real peace of mind will include actual safety measures if that means installing better locks, real security cameras, movement sensors, or, as SafeWise urges, a monitored home security system. There are a couple of security companies out there with pricing and offerings. Compare top businesses today to locate a security system that suits your needs and budget.

The most obvious advantage of using lawn signs and window stickers rather than a security system is that it is much cheaper. Decals and yard signs with home safety logos will set you back about $10, and several of the security brands’ logos can be bought online. It only requires a couple of minutes to slap stickers on your windows and doors and stick a lawn sign outside your home. You won’t break a sweat.

It may work. Depending on whether you have a brazen or gun-shy burglar, this method might actually do the job. “Could” is the operative word here, but faking it could be enough to spook some intruders.

We would say that saying applies to you by faking a house security system existence. Before you test your luck with signage, Think about the risks:

We will start with the good news. Fake security system signs may exhibit brands which seem or look imitation, or exhibit no brand whatsoever. Make sure it looks the part if you are going to go this route. Smart thieves can Google the company displayed on your fake signals and confirm their authenticity. Your cover will be blown if it seems false to them.

You might get into legal trouble. There are potential legal consequences for the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, so be sure you’re not infringing on an organization’s name prior to using it on your dwelling.

Nothing will happen if your house is broken into. When you’ve got a home security system, it will alert you and the monitoring center of the violation. Without it, your bluff will be called by the burglar and make off with your possessions.

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