Major Foundation Problems Not Disclosed By The Seller

Green Scene Home Inspections take you on a tour of a home on sale to understand how a professional home inspection and can save new homeowners thousands of dollars on renovations and repairs on the home they just purchased for a neat sum of money. Real Estate is expensive and a smart purchase almost always calls for the assistance of professionals in the field. In this particular instance, the narrator in the video tells you exactly how the seller is concealing vital information about major foundation problems with what may seem like an impressive cover-up job to the untrained eyes.

Fresh Paint Hides Nothing

Major Foundation Problems Not Disclosed By The SellerTo the layman, this house with its fresh coat of paint on the exteriors and new window fittings may seem like a smart buy but the home inspector quickly tears that illusion apart. The home inspector is experienced and trained to look underneath the surface and during the course of the video points out major problems with the property on sale. Without the services of a home inspector, it’s easy to imagine how potential buyers wouldn’t be able to look past the cosmetic features of the home.

Hidden Faults

The home inspector quickly unearths hidden faults like a major foundation problem, cracks at the base of the home and plumbing issues among others. If you were a potential buyer for this home, it’s easy to see how valuable the expertise of a home inspector would be to you considering the unfortunate fact that sellers proactively hide issues on the property from potential buyers.

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