What does a real estate agent do and how to become one?

What do I want to know before getting into real estate?

In the U.S., a realtor is a person licensed to represent a buyer or seller in a property transaction. In exchange for serving the buyer or seller, agents are generally paid commission on the purchase price of the property — though agent reimbursement varies from agent to agent and broker to brokerage.

What do I want to know before getting into real estate
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At the end of 2015, the housing market seemed stronger than it had in decades, which means more and more people are are trying to get a career in real estate. When you get your real estate license, you become accountable for one of the most significant decisions your customers will ever make. In each state, the procedure for how to be a realtor differs, but there are a few constants throughout the market: you will have to utilize technology to keep up with the rapid pace and customer demands, you will have to have the ability to adapt, and you will need to build people skills if you do not already have them. It is a rewarding one, although it’s not a single career.

Though every state requires pre-licensing classes, the licensing requirements may vary widely from state to state.
What’s a realtor?
So how do you know whether a career as a realtor is ideal for you — and what it takes to get there?

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